Wins For Kansas: EmberHope Youthville

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EmberHope Youthville helps kids find families who will love and cherish them in times of need.

"We have a 90 year history of providing services to children who are at risk, who have been removed from their home for various reasons such as abuse or neglect,” said Nickaila Sandate, president and CEO of the organization.

Services like finding foster care. And while they have more than 200 foster homes across the state for more than 300 kids, they always need more.

"We just don't have enough foster homes for children,” said Sandate.

So, they continue on with their mission with this piece of advice for adults looking to provide hope to kids in Kansas:

"Try it. Sometimes it’s scary to be vulnerable to be taking in children that you don't know and don't have a relationship with into your home. When we do find a home that is willing to open their hearts and their homes to children, it's magical for the child"

You can find more about that magic at

"To have a home and a room and loving adults to care and sometimes siblings, to interact with, you can't replace that."

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners DeVaughn James injury lawyers are honored to them as this week's “Wins for Kansas.”

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