Wichita woman singing again after surviving sepsis


A Wichita woman has made a miraculous recovery.

Felecia Gussman was diagnosed with sepsis, a dangerous and deadly infection that almost took her life.

"Hallelujah. You are God," Gussman sings in the hospital.

It's an act doctors didn't think would ever happen.

Gussman was just 29-years-old last summer when she contracted sepsis after a hospital stay.

The infection almost killed her.

In a last-ditch effort, doctors gave Gussman a medicine that saved her internal organs but cut off blood flow to her extremities.

"Once they started doing the surgeries, they just kind of realized I had too much damage and there was just no point," Gussman remembers.

She lost her legs, a hand and her voice.

"Out of everything, that was the hardest thing to hear. Just because that's what gets me through a lot of hard stuff," Gussman admits.

But after a few weeks, Gussman woke up one morning to find she could talk again.

And now, with the help of therapists, she's not just talking; Gussman is singing.

"Not everybody has that fire lit underneath them that says, 'I'm going to keep doing this, every day, even though it's hard,'" says Gussman's speech pathologist at Baylor Scott & White Rehabilitation Jessica Dallas.

And after everything, Gussman isn't taking anything for granted.

"I shouldn't really be here. I'm blessed and lucky to still have a life and be able to experience things. I have a long way before I'm gone," says Gussman.

There's a GoFundMe set up for the Gussman family.