Newton business owners hope to expand liquor sales to Sundays


Liquor stores like Anderson Liquor in Newton can open their doors any day but Sunday. It’s a law that’s been in place since Kansas was no longer a dry state. But the store’s owner hopes to change that.

“I could imagine that if we were the first ones ten year ago, there would be resistance,” said Murray Anderson.

He calls what he’s hoping to convince the city commission of – a sign of the times. So he wants the commission to approve liquor sales on Sunday, something he said nearby towns already do.

“A friend of mine goes to Park City to buy liquor on Sunday and the guy there told him it’s Harvey County Sunday,” he said “Everyone goes there to buy their alcohol.”

Anderson said the change would benefit customers and business. Halstead, Sedgwick, Park City, Valley Center and Wichita have Sunday sales.

“We’ve never had Sunday liquor sales in the pas that I can think of” said Barth Hague, Newton City Commissioner. “I think one of the things that has turned the tables has been the opening up of cereal malt beverages in grocery stores. It’s become a more competitive environment for everybody.”

Anderson hopes it’s a discussion that proves profitable for business.

“The bars? You can by a beer… on Sunday. It’s basically catching up with the times,” he said.

The next City Commission meeting is Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

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