Animal advocates warn against buying chicks for Easter


Baby chicks may be cute, but you might want to think twice before taking one home for Easter.

"It's actually a lot more work than you would think,” stated Park City Atwoods Manager Glen Fillmore.

Part of that work includes keeping them inside for two to three weeks before they're ready to go outdoors, keeping them warm and fed and cleaning up their messes, all time consuming and costly.

"It's very rewarding, especially when they start laying eggs,” Fillmore explained.

The Park City Atwoods has chicks almost year-round, and it's not unusual to see sales spike around Easter with many parents wanting to surprise their kids.

But it's important to remember, the babies will eventually grow up and require constant attention like any other pet.

So if you're planning to buy chicks as a cute holiday surprise; you should reconsider.

"I've heard of people that have got the chickens, done their little coloring thing and then just let them loose in their yard afterwards after the holiday when the weekend's over and that's just not right,” said Fillmore. "If you're not gonna raise them and take care of them, don't come down here and buy them."

Animal experts say the average lifespan of a chicken is eight to ten years but say they can live longer. It’s something to consider before buying one.

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