Grenade found in Park City


Local church members found a grenade Friday in Park City while doing community service work picking up trash.

The grenade was found near 77th Street and North Broadway, and one man that lives near the intersection said his family was home when it was found.

"My daughter was home, and they knocked on the door and told her to stay in the house," said David Smith, a Park City resident.

He said he was on his way home when his wife called him and said the grenade had been found near their home. According to him, a lot of traffic goes through that area

"We've had so many accidents," he said. "We've had people killed out here, I've had people in my trees, I've had them in my ditches over here."

 However, regardless of the people that travel in and out of the area he said finding something like that there still baffles him.

"Actually finding something like that over here seems out of place because the speedway's been here since, probably in the early '60's, and never found anything like this before," Smith said.

Park City police responded to the incident along with Wichita Police's bomb disposal unit. It wasn't until the bomb unit arrived that they determined everything was OK.

"They took the device and examined it and that's when they determined that it was a real device, but it was inert and not actually explosive," said Phil Bostian, the Park City police chief.

According to Bostian, finding an explosive device like this is nothing new though. They have found explosive devices in the city before.

"There have been other potential explosive devices that have been found by citizens," he said. "I know of one or two just off the top of my head."

Since it has happened before, he said the procedure for handling these issues hasn't changed.

"Bottom line on these things, you always have to treat them like they're real," Bostian said.  "You can never make the assumption that they're fake or that they're inert, because the consequences if it is real."

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