Wellington gas station promotes 'Weed Day' with unique messages

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Courtesy Sumner Newscow Courtesy Sumner Newscow

There is a marquee sign in Wellington that seems to be raising more than a few eyebrows.

Sumner NewsCow reports the manager of the Conoco Jump Start on North A Street put messages on both sides of its marquee sign to celebrating that April 20 is 4//20, or "weed day."

Northbound traffic will see: “Give me a four, give me a two, give me a zero, 420.” The southbound side reads: “Puff, puff, pass. This sign is lit, wink, wink.

“I’m promoting national smoke day,” Daniel Stewart said. “It is no different than during Valentine’s Day in which we say, “Jump Start Loves You.'”

Not everyone is happy with the promotion. 

“Like or not, smoking marijuana is still illegal,” one Sumner NewsCow reader said. 

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“So how is this any worse than people advertising pub crawls on St. Patty’s Day?" Stewart said "Everyone knows what ‘crawl’ means — people getting so drunk that they are crawling on their knees. This sign is much more harmless.”

Stewart said he is a huge advocate of the legalization of marijuana.

“It is much less harmful than alcohol,” Stewart said. “I’ll get drunks in here who want to fight or start sh–. All stoners want to do is have some munchies.”

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