ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: IRS scam and class action lawsuit

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On Your Side Gets Answers is taking your questions about scammers and how to cash in on a class action lawsuit.

The first question came from James, from Wichita.

He contact KAKE-TV through Facebook and said he received a all from a 1-800 number, with a convincing claim.

James says the person on the phone claimed to be "Officer Daniel Thomas" and said James owed $6,000.

Remember this advice from the Consumer District Attorney of Sedgwick County: the government is never going to call you; it will always contact you by mail.

James knew better and says he gave the caller the "run around," and the person admitted he's a scammer.

And Jannah, from Wichita, got in touch with KAKE, wanting to know how to join a class action lawsuit against AT&T.

The suit is accusing AT&T of lying to customers, promising them and investors they would cut prices for their streaming service, DirecTV Now.

KAKE-News got in touch with the law firm, and they told us you have to have purchased shares outlined in the lawsuit.

If you bought those shares, you don't have to join the lawsuit; you're automatically included.

If you are a customer, on the other hand, you could still be able to do something. The law firm is considering a consumer-related case with those customers.

If you're a customer, you can e-mail the firm at rswilloughby@pomlaw.com.

If you have a tip of question for KAKE News On Your Side, call or e-mail us at investigates@kake.com.