Kansas visitors reflect on Notre Dame fire

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French President Emanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral, after a massive and historic fire tore through the structure.

It was a story that captivated many across the country, including Wesley Marr, Jr., who kept thinking back to just a few days ago, when he toured the cathedral himself.

“We all lost and history cannot be duplicated, replicated,” said Marr. “It really brought out the significance of the fire and the likely extent of the damages. Just to see it burn for an extended period of time was hard to believe.”

The video of the magnificent structure crumbling was gut wrenching, and the history inside was cherished by many locally.

“It’s just, being in there, and the feeling you get… you feel humbled by the silence, it’s a place of serenity,” said Dr. Brigitte Roussel, a European native who lives and works in Wichita now. “For everybody there will be a particular significance. It’s beauty, it’s architecture, the stained glass windows were extremely fine works of art.”

For Catholics, it’s a structure that was simply magnificent.

“It was just miraculous, something we will always remember,” said Sister Anne Dolores LaPlante. “France at one time was such a catholic country. And our own community began in France in 1650. There are just so many connections.”