Questions as President Trump threatens to send immigrants to sanctuary cities

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As President Trump continues to threaten to release detained immigrants to sanctuary cities, or cities that don't cooperate with ICE, some in Wichita wonder what this could mean for the city. 

"We're not a sanctuary city or a county or anything like that," says Sheriff Jeff Easter. 

Last year, the Center for Immigration Studies took Sedgwick County off its list of sanctuary counties. However, it criticized the county for allowing illegal immigrants to bond out of jail .

"We're not like some of these other cities where ICE wasn't given the information to even see if they were here illegally," says Easter.

The Sheriff says he will continue to work with ICE, but some who live here believe more immigrants would be positive.

"Having immigrants in Wichita is a good thing," says local, Miguel Martinez.

"Bring the immigrants here. You'll see the liberal cities thriving," says local, Cody Irvin. 

Governor Laura Kelly was in Wichita last week and said she won't push for it to become a sanctuary city.

"I wish there was really more that we could do as a state. Unfortunately, immigration has to be dealt with on a federal level," says Governor Kelly.

The Sheriff says it's up to federal agents, not local law enforcement to make any arrests when it comes to immigration status. 

"We don't go out looking for illegal immigrants. We don't book illegal immigrants," says Easter. 

The Center for Immigration Studies lists Harvey and Butler Counties as sanctuary cities.

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