Puppies rescued from tornado rubble in Texas

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ALTO, Texas (KETK/CNN) -

"I've seen this on the news. Everybody had a tornado."

But you thought it would never be you?

"Never," said Sandra Verdell of Alto. 

However, for her and her husband Byron, it would happen to them and would destroy the place they've called home for 18  years. 

"The wind was just doing like this and I'm good, but we lost everything," said Byron Verdell. 

"When the tornado left I heard my husband and was like, where are you? I said I'm buried under all this stuff," said Sandra. 

And while the Verdell's were searching for each other, their 10 year old terrier Bella, was sniffing out her own search. 

She was searching for her newborn puppies. 

At the time, only 2 of the 4 in the litter had been accounted for. 

"I gotta try and go through and rubble through this stuff," said Verdell. 

After several minutes of searching, the puppies were found under the rubble and Bella could be seen wagging and smiling. 

For the Verdell family, their entire family was accounted for.

"That's all that matters. I'm heartbroken, but just happy we are all found," said Verdell. 

Their belongings and keepsakes are now submerged in a swamp. 

"We don't have anything," said Verdell.