Law enforcement agencies strictly enforcing K-254 this weekend

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The Kansas Highway Patrol, along with several other agencies, will be conducting special enforcement along K-254 from I-135 to El Dorado Friday through Sunday. 

Officials will be watching for speeding and distracted drivers. The increased enforcement comes as Wichita drivers are concerned following deadly crashes along the highway including an accident near Greenwich and K-254 that killed three people in March. 

Trooper Chad Crittenden said there are several factors that make K-254 a dangerous place to drive. 

"It can be a dangerous road because it's so flat and open," said Crittenden, "When we see these flat open roadways like that, we see people become more complacent." 

Trooper Crittenden advises drivers to take their time turning onto the highway from side streets.

"Traffic coming off the side streets, they don't always realize how fast vehicles are going. They look slower then they're actually moving, and we have a lot of judgement issues and they pull out right in front the vehicle."

Law enforcement officials tell drivers to put down their phones, buckle up, take time in turning, and pay extra attention this weekend and at all times when driving.

"If you have to wait an extra ten seconds, it's worth it," said Crittenden, "It's too many times that people take chances that they shouldn't, and that has disastrous results."

Agencies taking part in the special enforcement include Kansas Highway Patrol, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, Kechi Police Department, Bel Aire Police Department, Butler Police Department, El Dorado Police Department, and Butler County Sheriff's Office. 

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