Laura Kelly stops in Wichita for Kansan to Kansan tour

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Hundreds of people gathered to ask the Governor about her first few months at the helm. 

The governor just celebrated the boost to education funding, but Kansans had other concerns and she was in town to answer them. 

Governor Laura Kelly ceremoniously signed an education funding bill Tuesday that will give public schools an additional $90 million dollars. The question now remains whether or not it will be enough to satisfy the state supreme court mandate. 

Wichita Public Schools was one of the four school districts that filed a lawsuit against the state, seeking additional money for public schools. A lawyer representing the schools says the money won't be enough.

"I think are really fulfilling our commitment to schools. I'm hoping that the court will say ok, this works," said Kelly.

Susan Osborne lives in Wichita and said, "I care very much about public schools. We are one of the most underfunded states in the us for public education. We need to get back on the track and thanks to her we're doing it."

Kelly said her next goal is to get medicaid expansion to the senate for a vote.

"I want the Senate leadership to allow the votes, because I think if they do, that'll be great. It'll pass," said Osborne. 

The crowd also wanted to know what Kelly will do to improve prisons in Kansas and her stance on gun laws. When asked whether or not she supports the bill to lower the conceal carrying age to 18, Kelly said she didn't believe it would move the state in the right direction.