Lawsuit accuses AT&T of lying to customers about DirecTV Now

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A class action lawsuit accuses one of the largest TV providers of lying to its customers.

KCTV reports that AT&T is getting sued and it all goes back to last year when AT&T bought Time Warner. The lawsuit alleges that AT&T promised customers and investors that they would be cutting prices for their streaming service DirecTV Now.

But the lawsuit says AT&T switched TV packages, which confused confusing customers by getting rid of the bundles it had been offering, charging higher prices for new types of bundles, and then bringing back the original bundles at a higher price.

The Pomerantz Law Firm says that since the Time Warner acquisition, AT&T's stock price has fallen as low as $27.36 per share, a decline of nearly 16% from the $32.52 price per share on the exchange date for the acquisition.

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DirecTV Now lost about 260,000 customers in December.