Springtime swing in weather: how to protect your plants

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Flowers are blooming and Spring may have sprung, but mother nature is having second thoughts. As the weather is turning this weekend, here's some tips on how to keep your plants protected.

Just bring them inside. Put them in the garage. An unheated garage is going to insulate them and keep them with the cool weather coming in," says Marty Johnson.

If your plants are in the ground rather than a pot, simply covering them will do the trick.

"Put a cardboard box, a pot, a pan, whatever it is. And that will be enough insulation for a few hours to keep that cold damaging temperatures off the plants," says Johnson.

There's even a chance for snow in our weekend forecast, but don't worry. Not only will that not damage your plants, it would actually help insulate them.

"Actually that's probably the best thing we can have happen with the cold temps coming in. If we get even a couple inches of snow, that's going to insulate the plants," says Johnson.

If you forget to protect your plants this weekend and find them looking a little droopy on Monday, there is one last trick you can try.

"The best thing they can do...this sounds kind of crazy. Is to grab the water hose and spray those plants," says Johnson.

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