Mother of boy who lost part of arm in dog attack shares emotional Facebook post

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The mother of a 4-year-old Utah boy who lost his right hand and part of his arm in a reported dog attack earlier this month shared an emotional Facebook post about the incident.

KTVX reports the two huskies involved in the March 3 incident will not be euthanized, but they have been signed over to local animal control. That was after the owners were notified that they were going to be cited for two counts of possession of dangerous animals and two counts of public nuisance animals.

Authorities have said the child lived next door to the dogs in Layton and was bitten after he came in contact with the animals under a backyard vinyl fence.

"I wish I could show police reports and a picture of what was left of his arm that the ER took, where his entire forearm was chewed off 5 centimeters below his elbow," the boy's mother, Hope Brown, said. "None of that matters, the county officials made their decision and the dogs won’t be returning back. They’re considered dangerous, shouldn’t that be enough for everyone to understand and see that he was attacked?"

The boy's father had his eyes on his son "the entire time" and ran over to him after he was bitten, Brown said. He was able to stop the bleeding. 

"When we asked Austin what happened that first few seconds he said 'I saw a puppy nose! I touched the puppy nose and it bit my fingers and pulled me.'"

She said it only took a second for one of the dogs to dig under the fence just enough to get part of its head underneath it, adding that photos of a fence with a hole chewed through it is another a neighbor's fence and her son had played in the same area for almost a year without any warning signs. 

"Our son LOVES dogs, Huskies are beautiful dogs. Of course a little boy would reach behind him to pet the dog."

The dogs' owner told the ABC station that he felt pressured by the county to give the dogs up, saying the huskies had never hurt anyone before. 

Rhett Nicks, director of Davis County Animal Care and Control, said, "...we'll be looking for a rescue or sanctuary for the dogs somewhere outside of the state most likely. The goal essentially for us was to find the best outcome essentially for all parties involved and unfortunately, it was one of those situations where nobody wins."

He added that the dogs had been decent with staff and that was one of the reasons they're looking for relocation instead of euthanasia. 

Brown says her family has received threats after incorrect information about the incident was released. 

Everyone is quoting that fire official who said something along the lines of Austin stuck his sock covered hand under the fence to play with the dogs. Anyone who can do a simple google search can see that the fire department has removed that statement. It was all speculation and during the investigation that statement had completely been removed from their websites and social media. It just keeps getting quoted over and over. It has caused an unbelievable amount of threats and hate sent to our family. People have said the most horrible things to us. I truly pray that the people who have said the most terrible things to us during this horrific time do not have to experience what our family is experiencing. I pray you never know the anguish our family is feeling and have hundreds of people coming after you. 

Brown says her son is home from the hospital and the doctors’ work to save his elbow joint could prove invaluable for a prosthetic in the future.