Budgeting for the Shockers and NYC

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Devin Hansen is a travel agent who has no problem showing his shocker pride. The WSU alumni completely understood the desire of so many to travel to New York City next week for the NIT.

“My phone started ringing last night,” he said. “I had about eight people call my personal phone and started booking reservations.”

He’s been working on plans for clients who want to travel to the big city – and so have the Wichita State Alumni Association.

WSU Alumni organizes accommodations in NYC

The organization secured hotel stays near the site of the NIT in New York. Prices range from approximately $1,000 for a double or $1600 for a single.

"Our fans are great about traveling and supporting. So many people are remembering 2011 when we won it all. The team will be in the same hotel in New York City. There's just so many things that are lining up," said Courtney Marshall, president and CEO of the WSU Alumni Association.

Air fare is also expensive, given the short time frame.

“Southwest had some tickets that were about $560, saw some on United that were in the 600s,” Hansen said.

Travelocity shows some flights even higher, those prices will go higher the longer you wait.

And while the trip could easily exceed $2,000 when all is said and done, some Shockers fans will tell you the experience  is still priceless.

“It’s something that people remember,” Hansen said.