Police dog finds 2 children lost in woods in under 15 minutes

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A sheriff's office in Virginia is applauding a K-9 deputy who found two missing 8-year-old children. 

The Powatan Sheriff's Office said on Facebook that the two kids had gotten lost in the woods before dusk on Saturday.  

"My brother and my older friend came looking for us," Chloe Reese, one of the lost children told WRIC. "We thought it was like a chase game and then like we accidentally went to far, and we got lost."

Parents and neighbors searched or the children for 45 minutes in the failing daylight. 

"We didn't know what to do. So, like, we forgot which path we went down so we're, like, going through different paths trying to find the way back to our house," Reese said.

The Sheriff's office says that's when deputies responded, along with K-9 deputy Bane.

“We searched the house like we always do then I got the dog out, and we just began tracking through the woods," said Deputy Quinn Pasi told the ABC station in Richmond.

After less than 15 minutes in the woods, Bane was able to sniff out the children's path and find them. They're now home safe with their families. 

"Finding a lost child is satisfying and around itself, but professionally it kind of reassures the training and the time that we put into the program that it's actually working," Deputy Pasi said. "So that's where I get a lot of the satisfaction from beyond the happiness of finding lost children."

Maintaining a K-9 program is expensive and very time consuming and that is why many agencies the size of the Powhatan Sheriff's Office do not have one. But incidents like last night's two 8 year old children being lost in the woods are why the Sheriff keeps the program going strong. 

-Powatan Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Bane was rewarded with ice cream from Chick-Fil-A.

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