Local rail traffic to increase due to Midwest floods

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BNSF Railways confirms that, due to flooding, it’s re-routing trains through Kansas.

Crews have been looking through main line locations, but have had to close hundreds of miles of track that are either damaged or still under water.

As a result, the trains that would have traveled through closed portions of Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas are re-routing to other tracks, including south central Kansas.

“There's significant floods. We have track that's from Sioux City down to Iowa that's out of service. We have track that's from Omaha to St. Joseph that's out,” said Andy Williams, spokesman for BNSF.

He told KAKE News that the re-routing would likely lead to increased rail traffic in the state, which could impact wait times at crossings. The company has called in extra crews to repair the affected tracks and hopes that delays will last about two weeks.

Other rail lines, including Union Pacific, have also experienced track damage to due to flooding.