7-year-old girl scout helps save veteran's life


When Aralyn got out of school for spring break, her to do list included playing with her dogs; little did she know, she'd end up saving a veteran's life.

"I was thankful for him I saved him,” said Aralyn.

It was Thursday afternoon when Aralyn noticed her neighbor Carlos' dog was in her yard. When he didn't come chasing after him, she knew something was wrong so she ran over to check on him.

"We saw the dog over there, then the dog was in the truck and the door was open,” pointed Aralyn.

That's when she found Carlos unconscious, lying near the door, a scary situation for anyone, especially a seven-year-old. But she didn't panic, she rushed to tell her mom who called for help.

Neighbors say Carlos struggles with PTSD and depression and think he may have had a seizure.

"He's gonna be ok,” said Aralyn’s mom Jocelyn Hernandez. "Thank God for his dog. I know dogs are very important because if it wasn't for his dog coming out here in our front yard, we would've never found him."

Being a girl scout may have played a role in her quick reaction, but Aralyn's family says helping others is something she's always done.

"I'm very proud of her,” said her mom. “She's always been a good kid, always listens, always pays attention to her surroundings and what's going on."

Aralyn's mom says Carlos is still in the hospital but is expected to be ok. 

Photographer: Kake's Justin Young