Hutchinson church destroyed in fire

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For hours overnight, flames shot out of the Foundation of Life Church in Hutchinson. 

Kylie Ford lives across the street and couldn't believe what she saw. 

"I walked outside and I was here on my little side porch and I saw the flames and I was like Oh, man," says Ford.

 Fire crews say they rushed to the church just after midnight Friday morning after a police officer saw flames. 

More than 40 firefighters worked overnight to fight the fire. 

Now, the only sign of fire is a charred building and smoke lingering in the air, something worrying neighbors and nearby businesses. 

"I have asthma and when I walked my dog last night, I got a little bit of smoke inhalation," says Ford. 

Smoke from the fire also damaged a nearby church. Ryan Swanson is a member and also owns a restoration business. When he heard what happened, he knew he had to help. 

"There's a lot of smoke smell in there, so we're gonna be working around the clock to get them ready," says Swanson.

Ford says she knows many of the people in the church, but she's grateful no one was hurt. 

Fire crews still don't know the cause of the fire. The investigation is ongoing. No one  was inside the building and no injuries were reported.