National Baseball Congress hoping to have a home in the future


The National Baseball Congress is hoping to have a permanent place to play their world series in 2020 and beyond after a miscommunication with the city.

General Manager and Tournament Director for the National Baseball Congress, Kevin Jenks, said he was told they were going to have a new home in the new stadium, including offices.

"On our interpretation from some conversations, offices were mentioned," he said. "We took it as our offices would be at the new stadium. It doesn't appear that will happen."

That could change, but it won't hinder their organization if it doesn't, he said, and they will move forward.

As for their future in playing at the stadium, he said for a while it seemed uncertain.

"Weren't really getting a lot of answers at the time," he said.

However, he said light being shed on the situation has made the communication increase.

"This has kind of pushed some conversation to take place. Some uncomfortable conversation, but it's been good," said Jenks.

One official of the city said he just found out the details today.

"I didn't realize we were that disconnected," said Vice Mayor Jeff Blubaugh.

With Lawrence-Dumont stadium demolished, the National Baseball Congress world series will take place at Eck Stadium on the Wichita State University campus in July and August of 2019.

While this takes place, Blubaugh said they will continue to work through the situation with the National Baseball Congress.

"We're continuing to work with them, and them playing in the stadium has always been a part of the plan," he said.

They will have to share the stadium with the AAA minor league affiliate of the Miami Marlins when they arrive in 2020, but Jenks said they have a commitment from the city and team that they will at least play one week of their world series there.

"Now the next step is just working through negotiations and how that agreement looks, and we're confident, and excited about how that will play out," said Jenks.

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