Bomb cyclone blizzard halts travel for many Wichitans

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Canceled and closed. these are the signs many travelers are facing at airports and on highways thanks to the Colorado blizzard.

Lauren Minton is one of those travelers, leaving on a family vacation to Ireland.

"I was heading to Denver. I'm supposed to be flying to Vegas and I'm meeting my family in Ireland. And, so they weren't able to get me, eventually were not going to get me there until 9 and my flight in Vegas leaves at 6 and it was just a hot mess," says Minton.

Nearly 3 thousand flights have been cancelled in the last few days, but Minton still showed up at Eisenhower airport this morning, hoping for the best.

"I've been really busy the last few days so I haven't completely kept up with, like, the airline stuff," says Minton.

Passengers aren't the only ones affected. Kake Meteorologist Frank Waugh and his family were home bound from a road trip to Colorado. They were stuck in Denver.

Waugh says where the storm hit is what's hurting travelers so much.

"It's a big storm, so it's really not a surprise it's impacting so many people. Really kind of hitting eastern Colorado and the airport - that's where the biggest problems are," says Waugh.

Fortunately, some travelers are remaining in good spirits despite the setbacks.

"I ended up switching airlines, we got it all figured out. I'm now flying to Minneapolis instead and I'm still going to make it to Vegas on time," says Minton.

"Yeah, I'm glad we're not at the mercy of the airlines right now," says Waugh.

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