Blast off! Kansas-native astronaut leaves on mission to International Space Station

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Nick Hague Nick Hague

NASA astronaut Nick Hague and two other crew members blast off for a six-month mission this afternoon. The launch is scheduled for 2:14 p.m. Central Standard Time. 

The launch will be streaming live on the KAKE-TV Facebook page. Click here to see it as it's happening! You can also watch here.

Hague, of Hoxie, along with rookie astronaut Christina Koch and veteran Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin, will board a Soyuz rocket for the take off in Kazakhstan. 

The trio will spend six months at the International Space Station, taking part in research investigations. This will be Hague's first visit to the orbiting station. 

This is the second attempt at the mission after the first launch failed in October of 2018. Two minutes after take off, one of four boosters on the rocket failed to separate from the aircraft.

The blip sent Hague and his Russian companion spiraling back toward earth. Neither of the astronauts suffered injuries.

In February of this year, Hague told KAKE News that despite complications during October's launch, he is confident in his crew's training and knowledge of the rocket. 

"About 90% of our training, I'd say, are things that we hope will never happen, but if they do happen then we know what to do in those situations," said Hague. "We approached the last launch preparing for all the things that could go wrong, and we do that again as we approach this launch."

Want to know what Hague's view will be for the next six months? Check out the live view from the International Space Station.

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