High winds cause problems across Kansas

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When Deshae Sellers found his neighbor lying under a tree, he called for help.

"It wasn't able to be lifted off of him; he had to get slid out and then put in braces and stuff like that to be taken to the hospital,” said Sellers. “It was real tragic to see him hurt."

Winds gusting more than 60 miles per hour ripped the tree right out of the ground.

"In shock, mainly!" Sellers recalled feeling.

And this south Wichita neighborhood isn't the only place the wind caused problems.

Several wind-related accidents have been reported throughout the state, including a stoplight that was blown out near English and Topeka and power lines in Haven.

A downtown Wichita building had windows blown out; the falling glass nearly cut two people.

"This is kind of an extreme situation; it doesn't happen very often,” said Wichita Fire Department Battalion Chief Jim Wilson. “I'm sure with this being a vacant building, I'm sure one or two of the panes were already broke. Once they failed it just snowballed from there on."

Wichita police are urging people to slow down so you'll have time to react if something blows into the road. 

It's a warning drivers aren't taking lightly.

"Yeah, drive safe,” said one Wichita driver. “Your car could blow over and you could crash, never know what's gonna happen."

Leandre Peete said, "I normally drive one handed but today I was driving with two hands. I got two kids and I got to keep them safe and others on the road, so it's definitely very important."

With powerlines down, Westar says around 3,000 are without power.

The company says you can report an outage on their website and they'll send a crew out as it can.