Wichita man with disabilities gets new bike after his was stolen

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We have a happy update to a story about a Wichita man with disabilities who was targeted by thieves.

Someone stole his only means of transportation: his tricycle.

You wouldn't know it from his attitude, but McGarrah Sumner hasn't had the easiest life.

A car crash 25 years ago left him with brain damage, taking away his ability to drive.

Sumner has made do on a tricycle, until last Friday, when someone stole it off his porch.

"That thing was my lifeline," said Sumner.

In the meantime, he's had to use an old bike to ride the three miles to and from his job at Super Car Guys.

The dealership offered to get Sumner a new bike, but he turned them down.

"He's the type of guy he doesn't want to take from others, he wants to give, give, give," says Noah Taylor, Marketing Director at Super Car Guys.

"All I wanted was my bike back," Sumner explains.

But after our story aired, we were flooded with support and offers from our viewers to help Sumner.

Mike's Bikes in Wichita wanted to give Sumner a new tricycle; instead, Super Car Guys bought the bike, and Mike's threw in some extras: a new padlock, flashing lights and a rear view mirror.

"Thank you all very much," McGarrah said to a crowd at Super Car Guys. "I appreciate this more than you all know."

And true to Sumner's character, he was already back to work soon after receiving his new tricycle.

Sumner's stolen tricycle holds sentimental value, and he would still like to have it back.
Super Car Guys is offering a $500 reward for anyone with information about the stolen bike.

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