Giant wolfdog goes viral after being dumped at kill shelter, rescued by sanctuary

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The story of an enormous wolfdog named Yuki is taking the internet by storm and bringing awareness to a great cause.

According to Shy Wolf Sanctuary, it was 2008 when they got a call from a man saying his 8-month-old pup "was much larger than he had anticipated it growing, and that he couldn’t handle the dog." Just one day later, the owner dumped Yuki at a kill shelter, which in turned reached out to Shy Wolf.

"We stepped in and provided a home for him and he has been with us ever since," volunteer Brittany Allen told Bored Panda. "His DNA testing came back as 87.5 percent gray wolf, 8.6 percent Siberian husky, and 3.9 percent German shepherd."

Yuki's story began to go viral in February of this year after a picture of him looking particularly huge was posted on Reddit.

Allen said while she is 5-foot, 4-inches tall, Yuki is not quite as large in person as he appears in the picture, weighing about 120 pounds. However, she insists the viral image is not photoshopped.

She recently shared a picture captioned: “The face we make when people say Yuki’s picture is photoshopped… It’s just his fat angle guys. We all have one."

"Yuki is very much a 'ham' and loves to be the center of attention," according to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary website. "He has shown us that he doesn’t like to hear 'NO,' doesn’t like to be restrained or controlled in any way and does have a number of triggers. Volunteers need to be able to read his body language and react quickly as he doesn’t always give a warning when 'Mr. Hyde' is going to appear."

Now 12 years old, Shy Wolf recently learned Yuki has terminal blood cancer.

"Yuki has been fighting it for quite a while now and is persevering, so it is business as usual while we enjoy our time with Yuki. When the day comes that he starts showing symptoms we will, as we always do, make the right decisions for Yuki’s quality of life,” Jeremy Albrecht said.

Yuki and lots of other animals have been given a loving home by Shy Wolf Sanctuary, which was founded in 2001. The center provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to wild and captive bred wolves, and other exotic animals on a 2.5-acre property in Naples, Florida. They take in 60 captive-bred or rescued animals every year.

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