Pair of cats found shot in Andover

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Andover Police are investigating two cases of possible animal abuse after two cats were found shot and injured.

"This is not something we normally have happen here in Andover," said Capt. Joe Schroeder, Andover Police.

The two cases involved cats that live about two miles apart, from Andover High School to Andover and Kellogg.

"Get angry that somebody would do something like that, but then it becomes kind of disgust," said Larry Matkin, whose cat, Milo, was shot in the head. Milo survived but has a bald spot in the area he was shot. 

The other cat owner posted in a Facebook group alerting Andover residents of the incident. 

She said her cat was shot in the spine with a BB gun. Police say the cat became paralyzed from his injuries and was euthanized.

"It's something I want to put a stop to. I don't know if we have kids who are playing with a BB gun or an adult who doesn't like cats, but neither homeowner had any complaints on their pets from neighbors," said Schroeder.

In Kansas, it is a felony to intentionally harm a domestic animal.

If you have any information about these incidents, call Andover Police at (316) 733-5177 or you can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at (316) 267-2111.