‘It's my lifeline’: Wichita man reacts to having bicycle stolen


A local man is trying to get back on his feet after thieves stole his only means of transportation, his bicycle.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated employee than McGarrah Sumner.

"Just trying to keep on keeping on," says Sumner.

The Wichita man takes care of yard work and other odd jobs for Super Car Guys.

The work is slow going, but Sumner gets the job done.

A car crash 30 years ago left Sumner with a traumatic brain injury, taking away his ability to drive a car.

Now, Sumner is on disability, putting in hours at the dealership to make ends meet and taking his tricycle to and from work.

Sumner's progress has been hindered this week.

On Friday morning, he woke up to find someone had stolen his bike.

"My chain had been cut, and some lowlife ran off with it," Sumner describes.

His coworkers contacted KAKE News On Your Side to try to get Sumner some help.

"It hurts his pocketbook," says Jayson Inckelaar, a coworker at Super Car Guys.

"He's a really good dude," adds Mike Williams, who works at the dealership. "He stops to talk to pretty much everybody, everybody knows him."

Sumner's coworkers are hoping someone will step up to get Sumner his bike back or help him out in another way: anything to  help the person who brings this kind of attitude to work every day.

"It's what keeps me going, the goodness in the world. If you look, you'll find it. There's always good," says Sumner.