Valley Center family thankful to be alive after fire destroys home


"I'm really just thankful because literally that pile of metal right there, like, my bed is underneath it,” said Sarai Allan as she pointed at a pile of rubble.

The rubble is all that's left of the only home Sarai Allan has ever known.

"It's kinda just crazy,” she said. “I feel like my room is still gonna be here tomorrow. It hasn't fully hit me."

It caught fire Thursday night while the family was at a recital. When Sarai’s stepmom Bobbi received the call, it had nearly burned to the ground.

"Very, very blessed that we weren't home,” said Bobbi. “It's a miracle that we weren't."

Just two weeks ago, the family had several relatives staying over.

Kake Reporter Porsha Riley: "Do you feel like if this happened any sooner than it did that someone would've died?"

Bobbi: "I do believe somebody would've died if this had been any other time."  

Firefighters don't know the exact cause but told family they believe it was this space heater.

Although it's tough right now, Bobbi and Sarai are trying to find comfort in the little things like the childhood bear Sarari happened to leave in her car and some pictures that survived the fire.

"It is so meaningful. I'm a big picture buff,” said Bobbi. "I lost tubs of pictures, Christmas stuff that the kids made, but I did find my Christmas ornaments and they're all intact so that's a blessing."

But rather than stress about what's gone, the family is thankful for the support as they focus on what's next.

"I think it's what's holding everybody together,” said Sarai.

If you’d like to help the family, visit the following link: Allan Family GoFundMe