Citizens attend Visit Mulvane event


Citizens attended the Visit Mulvane event Saturday morning at the Pix Community Center in Mulvane to learn about what the town has to offer.

According to Charlie Cadwell, chair of the resource and support action team as part of the downtown revitalization program, the event is for people looking to live in Mulvane, or start a business there. It's also for current citizens and business owners to see what's going on.

Different business employees and owners from downtown Mulvane presented their businesses to attendees and other businesses owners.

One resident who listened to the presentations said he owned a pharmacy in the town for 40 years, and has lived there since 1957.

"Grew up here, went to school here, moved back after college, had a business for 40 years here and raised my kids. It's a wonderful town," said Terry Richardson.

He said he is retired now and came to the event to see what is going on around the town with older and new businesses.

Some businesses like Luciano's are well-established in the town, with a wide customer base according to the restaurant owners wife, Nancy Mottola. However, others are new, such as Art Towne. Alan Brooks owns the business with his wife Tanya and they have been open for almost a year.

"We do wine and art parties, we do birthday parties for kids, We do fine art classes," said Alan Brooks. "Everything from, pencil drawings to water color, fine art classes on oil paintings."

Brooks is a former corporate pilot and his wife is a former physicians assistant. He said they opened their business when people asked them for paintings.

"Murals on walls to paintings of their pets and kids and then that led us to classes for children and adults," he said.

Brooks said his wife knew of Mulvane and they decided to move there and start there business because they like the small town feel.

"Everybody knows everybody," he said. "The word of mouth of  just the small town community has been awesome."

Cadwell said they were hosting a downtown blackout bingo event for citizens that were downtown to get them to see the stores.

"We have a bingo card that lists all the businesses that are open on main street, and so they can go down and take their card downtown and get it stamped," he said.

He also said this event helps prove one thing.

"There's no shortage of things to do in Mulvane," he said.

Cadwell said they had variations of this Visit Mulvane event over the past 3 years. He said they are unsure if they are going to have it again next year.