Cheney basketball standout breaks 3A single-game scoring record


All eyes are on Kylie Scheer as the Cheney Cardinals compete for a state title.

"My sister played as a sophomore; she won a state championship, so it's kinda like Déjà vu,” said Scheer. “She was a sophomore; I'm a sophomore. My brother played here last year, so to be the third Scheer to come here, it feels pretty good."

And while she may be the third Scheer to make it to the big tournament, she's the first to hit 38 points, setting a new 3A state single-game record.

"I was shocked! It was a 31-year-old record,” said Scheer. "It is kinda weird. I've only been playing this game for two years in high school and to already leave that mark, it’s pretty special."

But she's not letting the newfound fame go to her head or letting the pressure get to her. Instead, she's following her normal routine and having fun playing the game she loves.

Her teammates say that's just the kind of person she is.

"It just seemed so normal for her to do that,” said senior Destinee O'Shea. “It was just awesome. And for it to be a state record, we were all just really surprised and really happy for her."

In fact, it wasn't until after the game that Scheer found out she broke the record and would've likely scored more if her dad and head coach wouldn't have pulled her out of the game, something he still hasn't lived down.

"Caught some grief from my son on Twitter as well, so no only did I hear it from her but heard it from him,” said Rod Scheer. “Had no idea it was the record but very pleased with what she did and how she accomplished it."

And if you're wondering what's next, Kylie says, “We came here for one thing, and that's to win it all."

Kylie had another great game Friday night, finishing with 25 points to help lead Cheney past Nemaha-Central.

The team will tip-off against Royal Valley Saturday at 4 p.m. for the state championship.