Tanganyika Wildife Park open for business


Tanganyika Wildlife Park opened Friday morning in Goddard on it's first day of the season with spring break beginning today.

Penguins, kangaroos and monkeys are some of the animals you can see at the park. One child that was with his family said he was looking for his two favorites.

"The hippos and the rhino's. They eat funny," said Ben Leonardo.

Some adults were also at the park, mostly with their children. However, one woman said she came with her husband to enjoy the wildlife. 

"I like to see the giraffes," said Janet Hanson. "Just walk around, get exercise and look at the different animals."

One Tanganyika employee said the weather wasn't ideal and some of the animals weren't out, such as the giraffes. However, he said there is still plenty to do and see around the park.

"Even with the cooler weather we do have our behind the scenes experiences where you get to go in the barns in some instances," said Matt Foust, assistant director of the park. "So, you're going to get to go behind the scenes see the Okapi inside. Our sloth encounter, the sloths stay at 85 degrees and humid so it's like Florida in there."

"We are in the middle of our spring break special, you come out for $19.99, so if you were going to come out you could pay the price of one admission, and actually come the entire year for free," said Foust.

Ben Leonardo said he likes the park, but being on spring break makes it much better for one reason.

""You don't have to do anymore work," he said.

The park is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m through spring break.