I-235 North construction project will begin Friday

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Construction that might affect your commute in north Wichita has been delayed until later this week. 

Phase one of the Green Project on I-235 was set to get underway Monday. The Kansas Department of Transportation says workers have been putting up signs and doing prep work, but the actual construction will begin on Friday. 

The bridge repairs will impact traffic on the north part of I-235, from Meridian to Broadway.

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Construction work on the Green Project, to repair bridges on I-235, will begin on Monday.

The bridge repairs will impact traffic on the north part of I-235, from Meridian to Broadway.

The Green Project is the first of three phases for improvements at the North Junction that connects I-235 and I-135 with K-254 and K-96.

North corridor construction affecting local businesses

"A lot of these things really don't help us with the congestion problem at the North Junction, but they set it up so that when we finally do that project at the North Junction, this piece will function properly," said Tom Hein, spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The Green Project will accomplish the following:

  • Improve geometry at Broadway Interchange
  • Replace bridges that are in poor condition over the Little Arkansas River
  • Permanent removal of Seneca Bridge
  • New 40th Street to Meridian with a traffic signal due to removal of Seneca Bridge
  • Continuous auxiliary lanes along I-235 in both directions

The Green Project is expected to last three years and cost $65-million.

The Gold Project (Phase 2) will improve I-235 and I-135 at K-96. That construction project will cost $80-million.

The Purple Project (Phase 3) will improve I-135 and K-254/I-235 and is expected to cost $110-million.

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