Kansas Supreme Court rejects appeal in 10-year-old boy's murder

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The Kansas Supreme Court has denied the appeal of a Wellington woman convicted of killing her 10-year-old son

Prosecutors alleged that Lindsey Blansett, 37, beat her son, Caleb, with a rock and stabbed him to death in December of 2014. She was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated assault and sentenced to the "Hard 25."

The state's high court said evidence at trial revealed that Blansett killed her son while suffering from a psychotic episode. 

Blansett argued in her appeal that "the jury instructions about her mental disease or defect defense were clearly erroneous because they did not list premeditation as a culpable mental state. In the alternative, she argued that the instructions told the jury not to consider how her mental illness impacted her ability to premeditate the crime."

During Blansett's trial, prosecutor Kerwin Spencer said Blansett decided to kill her son and send him to heaven to spare him from difficulties in life. But her attorneys had argued she was insane at the time of the crime, believing people were coming to her house to do bad things to her son.

Kansas Department of Corrections records show Blansett's earliest release date is December 15, 2039. 

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