Clearwater residents want change at dangerous intersection

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Clearwater community members are fed up after another accident at the intersection of 135th and 71st. 

Nine people were hurt Wednesday morning after investigators say a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

"Anyone coming to and from town is going to take 135th street," says Casey Richwine, who drives this stretch of road often.

Kim Tobias, her two children and a foreign exchange student were all hurt in the accident.

"You never know when your family leaves what's going to happen to them you know when they get out on the road, some split moment somebody not paying attention could change everything," says Richwine.

Tobias teaches for Clearwater and students are still in shock.

"It was so life changing. I just saw them last night," says student, Sadie Baird.

And this wasn't the first accident at the intersection.

"There was like three I think in the past month," says Morgan Werner, a student.

Morgan Werner was involved in a wreck at the intersection recently.

"I was trying to look but I couldn't see a car, so the trees were in the way, and I thought there was no car and I went," says Werner.

Werner wasn't hurt, but she and the entire community want to make sure accidents at this intersection stop.

"A single stop sign and a single flashing light is not enough to get people to slow down," says Richwine.

Community members are hoping changes will come in the form of rumble strips or a stop light. City and county leaders are already working with citizens to make improvements.