WSU Students refuse Shock the Future proposal

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Cailey Partida and Jessica Johnson are walking through their beloved college campus, a place they were willing to give their own money to for improvements.

"Have you seen all of the innovation going on at Wichita State? That's sort of the legacy I want to leave. If people thought about it that way, they might have actually voted yes," says Jessica Johnson. 

The vote Johnson is talking about was for a campaign called 'Shock The Future'...focused on a brand new state of the art business building, as well as various needed improvements across campus.

"I think a lot of people already had their mind set up and they were closed minded, for sure," says Cailey Partida.

With the highest voting turnout the student body has seen in years, the referendum failed, with 51 percent of students voting against it.

The upgrades would've added on an additional 6 dollars per credit hour to each student's tuition fees.

Partida says the updated student center is the perfect example of why the fees are worth it.

"People before me did the same thing. They voted for it. They paid for it. And they didn't get to use it. But now I get to use this awesome facility," says Partida.

Terri Hall, the Vice President of Student Affairs, says she's just encouraged so many students were willing to step up and help out.

"Certainly I wish we had a different outcome, but to lose by 107 votes...we had 1700 students come forward and say we'll raise our fees," says Hall.

Donors have already given thirty million dollars to the new business building, and returning it isn't an option. Now, conversation is being had on how to raise the additional 20 million dollars needed, with the goal of breaking ground on the site in 6 months. 

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