North Riverside homes vandalized


Residents homes have been vandalized with graffiti over the past few days in North Riverside by people that police have not identified.

One resident's fence was spray painted with graffiti three different times.

"It's just ridiculous," said Michael Zammit. ""You work hard, and pay your bills, and get a nice house and then somebody comes and just defaces your property. It's frustrating."

He covered two of the graffiti spots up with black spray paint because he said he "got tired of seeing it." He said it may look bad having a black spot on his fence but it's better than "seeing a stupid name on it."

His house isn't the only one that's been affected either. He said two houses next to him had their garage doors vandalized with the same black spray paint.

No cameras are in the area on anybody's house, so he said he is going to look into getting some.

""That way, if in the future it happens, hopefully I can catch somebody's face and turn them into the cops or something. Because I'm just tired of it," he said.

Another home down the street from Zammit's house was broken into, according to Mark Funk, a man working to sell the home.

""About four to five weeks ago we had a copper theft," he said.

Someone broke into the house and went into the basement stealing copper lines from his water tank and from the city lines throughout the basement, according to Funk.

He said it is his parents old home and he has been working on the inside to clean it up and get it ready to be put on the market.

A Facebook post from Sue Erwin, a North Riverside resident, showed graffiti on her garage door and several people in the community commented on the post. Some offered help to clean it, others showed anger, and others said vandalism also happened at their homes.

According to Officer Charley Davidson, the Wichita Police Department is aware of the vandalism's that have happened. He does want to let people know to call if they are a victim as well.

"We do want to encourage our community and our citizens that if they are a victim of a vandalism, make sure they call 9-1-1 to report it to us," said Davidson.

He said that way they can track the activity and have it documented. Davidson said they are investigating the reports now, but have yet to determine if the graffiti is gang related.

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