Andover annexing new residents and enforcing pit bull ban

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You can already see signs of change near Highway 54 and Andover Road. Gerry and Diana McCann's neighborhood could soon become part of the city of Andover, meaning they'll also have to follow the city's rules. 

"We didn't ask to be in the city," says Diana McCann. 

The McCann's dog, Bailey, is a pit bull mix, but in Andover, it's against the law to own a pit bull.

"I cried all morning. She's our pet, she's our baby. She's our family. It's just not right," says McCann.

The city is offering options for people being annexed who own pit bulls, including putting up warning signs in their front yard.

"So, you want me to put up a sign saying that my dog is dangerous. Well, that's a lie. So, you have to lie to live in Andover," says McCann.

The mayor says city council is working with residents in the areas being annexed, but the ban isn't going anywhere.

"The city council has decided that they want to uphold the ban on pit bulls. They've done that and reconsidered this issue now would be about the 12th time over the last two years," says Mayor, Ben Lawrence.

The pit bull ban was on the city council agenda to be discussed Tuesday night, but right after public comments were allowed as the meeting started, the council voted to remove the item.

"Anything that goes against what they want isn't going to get discussed," says Austin Renfroe.

Residents like Renfroe who had to give up his pit bull aren't happy.

"The mayor is gonna have the stance that he wants to have. This is more or less his baby, and he's gonna see it through," says Renfroe.