U-turn by Kellogg & Webb will close Friday

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The U-turn about a half mile east of Kellogg and Webb Road will close on Friday.

"It was actually supposed to close last Thanksgiving but we were able to keep it open a lot longer. The reason why we need to do that is so that we can finish utility work in there, all the drainage improvements, so that we can get started on mainline paving," said Gary Janzen, City of Wichita Engineer.

The U-turn currently helps drivers trying to go north on Webb Road from Kellogg.

A permanent U-turn at Kellogg and Greenwich. Weather permitting, it will open this weekend.

"This ought to work a little bit better. It works just like what's there at Webb. So, there shouldn't be too much of a gap between closing one and opening the other," said Janzen.

Currently, no turn turns are allowed in any direction at Kellogg and Webb.

A total of 368 tickets were issued to drivers disobeying the no turn signs at that intersection last year. That is a decrease from 2017 when 524 tickets were issued.   

A few months ago, city engineers opened a U-turn at that intersection to help drivers coming off the turnpike to head west on Kellogg.

Most of the work at Kellogg and Webb is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The rest of the East Kellogg improvements is expected to be completed in 2021.

To learn more about that Kellogg and Webb construction project, click here.

Data provided by the Wichita Police Department

Top 10 accident intersections in 2018 (number of accidents)

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  2. Kellogg Rock (54)
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  4. Kellogg/West (33)
  5. 21st/Woodlawn (32)
  6. Kellogg/Webb (31)
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