Samson the dog passes away

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Facebook: Samson Strong Facebook: Samson Strong

A dog that had been rescued after being shot and left to die in Harvey County has passed away.

In 2015, a young pit bull named Samson was found barely alive by a farmer in Harvey County. Samson had been shot in the head and left in a mud hole for five to seven days before being discovered.

Rescuers from two local non-profits, K-9 Karma and Beauties and Beasts, were able to nurse him back to health with the help of community donations.

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Samson was able to live his final years with a much higher quality of life thanks to his rescuers.

"He's happy. He's no longer on pain medications. He goes to daycare three times a week. He comes to therapy twice a week. He's happy. He loves life and I'm not going to take that from him," said Jessica Sherwood with K-9 Karma.

On Sunday, the Facebook group "Samson Strong" notified everyone that Samson had started to develop major health complications over the past few months. A medical exam revealed a cancerous tumor had formed on his bladder.

Samson's quality of life was severely declining and as a result, the decision was made to put him to rest.