Wichita city leaders could reverse plans to close pools

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When Wichita city leaders released their aquatic master plan two years ago, many city pools were scheduled to close. Now, a new plan could keep more pools open. 

Cynthia Maxwell and her daughter, Lucinda go swimming at least 4 times a week in the summer. When they heard Minisa pool might be closing, Lucinda braved a city council meeting and told members just how important the pool was to her. 

"My parents and the rest of my family do a lot of swimming and it's been in my family for a while," says Lucinda. 

Now, it seems her efforts are paying off. A new option calls for more pools to be renovated instead of closing and longer hours for swimmers. 

"I don't know how I'm ever gonna get her to leave the pool. We'll be there for 52 hours," says Lucinda's mom, Cynthia. 

City Council member, Cindy Claycomb says push back from the city played a huge role in saving city pools.

"Folks aren't liking this very well, what else could we do? We came up with this thought of, we're gonna close some assets that are still viable for the city and why are we doing that?," says Claycomb. 

City Council will vote on the option in March, and if it passes, renovations could be completed in as early as three years.