Private landscapers stay busy in snow

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Before the snow stopped falling, these plows hit parking lots and driveways. And they won’t stop soon.

“It keeps us going through the winter,” said Cameron Marsolf, owner of Luxury Lawn and Landscaping.
“It’s not something we budget for but it’s nice to have some extra cash flow.”

The snow is good for landscaping companies like Luxury, who also clear parking lots and private driveways.

“In the last few years, we’ve had to push some high priority stuff,” Marsolf said. “nothing worth bragging about.”

Where some are seeing profit potential, some felt nothing but pain during the winter storm. Rico Buford was driving his semi to St. Louis when he suddenly broke down. He’s spending the night in Wichita.

“I’ll try to run from here to St. Louis,” Buford said. “It’s catching me here first and then I’ll have to travel in this.”

As for the landscaping companies, they’ll work as long and as often as possible to clear driveways.

“We’ll do thirty-plus hours and 100 to 150 different places,” Marsolf said. “Motivation, money’s the motivator.”

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