Dillons prepares for snow

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -

Dillons grocery stores prepared early Tuesday at their distribution center and stores for a snow storm and an increase in shoppers to keep products on the shelves.

Senior Supply Chain Manager,Wesley Schults, said there are about 30 trucks going to 65 stores. He said they also expect a 15 to 20 percent increase in products ordered by stores on winter weather days like Tuesday.

Employees rushed through the warehouse on forklifts filling orders to put on trucks. Schults, said it's all part of their plan for winter weather, and it starts with transportation in trucks to the stores.

"As they're out on the roads watching the weather cams and also reporting back to transportation on the road conditions we can anticipate slower areas and potentially reroute if needed to, to go around the weather," said Schults.

Schults said another part of the plan is staffing. In the warehouse around 100 employees are moving products from shelves to trucks. So, Schults said they plan to avoid overtime, but depending on the weather they might work long hours to get the products to stores.

When the products arrive at stores, Sheila Lowrie said the grocery clerks and other staff work to make sure those shelves stay full.

"It's a constant cycle of replenishment to make sure that we're in stock and have all those items that customers are looking for in their shopping lists," said Lowrie.

Lowrie said in store shopping isn't the only increase they see in Dillons stores that they must prepare for.

"Customers using our pick up and delivery services," said Lowrie. "Both of those items, with online grocery shopping will see increases as well."

Lowrie said they monitor the weather corporately and locally to see what is needed if the weather gets worse. She said the cycle continues throughout Tuesday until they get all products stocked, and the rush of customers slows down.

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