Sickness spreading: what's going around and what schools are doing

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At Andale High School, crews are disinfecting classrooms because so many students have been ill. 

"Talking to our nurse, it's one of those where it's not uncommon, but the numbers are a little higher this year than in the past," says Steve Stanhope, Andale High Assistant Principal.

So what exactly is it that's going around? Aside from the flu, here's what doctors are seeing.

Upper respiratory infection, a cold, viral, just feeling bad," says Jessika Cooks, Hunter Health Clinic Chief Clinical Operations Officer.

Steri-Clean is able to prevent the spread of bacteria with a whole room disinfection service.

"We can come in here and completely disinfect this room. Nothing is going to survive it. It's a mechanical kill," says Mark Elpers, Steri-Clean Kansas owner.

Andale and other schools across the state are disinfecting because so many people are getting sick.

Steri-Clean says the process it uses really works. 

"We put down what they call a test strip and this one we'll put under this desk, then this corner, then that corner. When this room is being disinfected its a dry fog, but it almost looks like there's smoke in here, and those test strips will react to it. So when the process is done that strip and that strip will have a black strip on it. That means they got disinfected," says Elpers.

The company can also disinfect locker rooms, school buses, and offices. In addition to disinfecting, remember to go back to the basics: wash your hands, get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids.