VA Medical Center breaks ground on new treatment facility

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Congressman Roger Marshall and VA leaders are digging the foundation of new hope for veterans recovering from addiction.

A brand new facility will be standing on this ground in one year. It'll serve as a gap between locked inpatient treatment and transitioning back into society.

"This will be an unlocked facility which will give them more of a sense of freedom and more of a sense of their own recovery and their own desires to move past their illness and get well," says John Chelf, Associate Chief of Staff for Behavioral Health.

The facility will have 15 beds, but the goal is to reach more than just that through an outpatient detox program.

"So patients who might be able to come in for a different level of care just during their withdrawal phase where the nurses can monitor them, have them spend the day with us, go home to their own homes at night if they live in the area," says Chelf.

With the closest facility being 190 miles away, the VA saw this as an urgent need in surrounding communities.

"In order for someone to get intensive outpatient care they would have to drive for many miles sometimes for 2 or 3 appointments a week to get their recovery," says Chelf.

These walls will hold new opportunity for recovery, and another hand up for our nations heroes.

"I marvel at the potential, the opportunity for this state of the art facility we have here. The center of excellence for mental health treatments. This is a new day. A day for hope. A day to reach out and help all our veterans," says Congressman Roger Marshall.

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