Mail carrier out of a job after hitting dog with car

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The United States Postal Service says a worker who struck a Butler County family's dog in their own driveway is no longer employed. 

The USPS confirmed told KAKE's Lily Wu on Friday that "the employee in the video no longer works for USPS." Her name hasn't been released.

Brian and Shannon Howerton, of Douglass, said their two dogs were in their driveway last Thursday when the mail carrier struck one of them. The incident was captured on surveillance video

Blue, the 10-year-old Labrador that was hit, suffered several injuries including to his body, ear and paw.

It wasn't immediately clear if charges would be filed.

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It's not a Valentine's Day that a local family wanted to experience. Their dog was run over by a mail carrier's car in their own driveway. 

Ten-year-old Blue isn't his usual self. The once energetic Lab is now timid of people. His owners, Brian and Shannon Howerton, of Douglass, stayed up all night as he cried himself to sleep. 

"He's constantly whining 'cause he's scared," Brian said. "It's hard to get him to go outside now. He's upset."

Shannon said, "These dogs are not vicious at all. They just look for friends. That's all they see -- when they see anybody driving -- is friends."

The Howertons say what was captured on their cameras was anything but friendly. Their dogs were on their driveway when this happened Thursday morning.

"I didn't believe it at first. You kind of look at it. me and her went 'oh.' (gasp)," Brian said. "It was horrifying; it's just hard to imagine that somebody could do that and not care."

Moments later, Blue appears to jump in the carrier's car. The Howertons say Blue was likely trying to hide after being hit. But that's when the carrier starts yelling. 

"You're shocked when she hits the dog, and then she comes up to the driveway. And to hear her scream and push and shove at him, it's just like 'oh my gosh.' I mean, she's just, like, angry."

The Howertons got both Blue and Bear 10 years ago on Valentine's Day for their kids. They both watched that video, and the parents say they were very upset seeing what happened. 

"It was heartbreaking to watch them be upset. And it could've been worse, so I'm glad we didn't have to deal with if it had been worse.

Blue suffered several injuries including to his body, ear and paw. The Howertons filed a report both with the post office and Butler County Sheriff's Office. They hope Blue will be back to normal. 

The sheriff's office says they're investigating to see if the incident is a criminal matter. The post office issued the following statement:

"These actions are not consistent with and don't represent the values of the Postal Service and will not be tolerated. Since this is an active investigation we are unable to comment further, but will take all appropriate actions based on the results of the investigation to ensure that the integrity and values of the USPS are upheld."

Watch the full surveillance video below. The SUV enters the driveway at about 3 and a half minutes into the video. Viewer discretion is advised.