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Have a lot of ideas that you feel people would be interested in? Know a number of artists that would appreciate getting the word about their stuff? Interested in engaging with the community, or a community?

It’s entirely possible to create a magazine from home that would achieve all of those goals. The idea seems scary, with magazines having a mythic kind of status. It’s time to take magazines off the pedestal, though, because each one started with a motivated individual.

Here are a few ideas on how to make a magazine:

How to Make a Magazine

Every publication is different, but all of them have a few core elements that you’ll need to pay attention to.

1. Unified Theme

A lot of times, we get excited because we have so many ideas but no way to thread them together.

Make sure that your efforts will be unified by a theme. Whether it’s the news, art, culture, or whatever, it’s important to stay consistent. This will help you gain credibility in the community, embolden your identity, and focus your efforts so that they’re not all over the place.

Additionally, with a theme-based identity, you will attract like-minded contributors.

2. Dedicated Time

You don’t want to get things started only to lose interest because you didn’t plan your time well. Make sure that you establish a time and place to work on the magazine, as well as regular communication with all those who you’re working with.

If you’re held up by the expectations of your contributors, you’ll be far more likely to keep your end of the deal.

3. Means of Producing

How nice do you want your magazine to be? As far as the physical copy, that is.

Get in touch with printers and people in your community who could help you produce a quality product. There are also online platforms that can take your designs and magazine in web-form, only to print it and send it to your door. In the process of creating the design, make sure to pay close attention to things like magazine cover design and page layout.

You could also print it with your own printer, going with a lower-end look but lower costs.

4. Places to Distribute

You’ll also have to get in touch with establishments that would be willing to carry copies of your magazine. If you are a regular at a coffee shop or bar, those places would be a good start.

You can also just do a run through of local businesses that might support you. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

5. Vision

Have a fleshed out plan for the future of your magazine. You should also set expectations and limitations on yourself.

Having a far-out vision without legs is a story that no one wants to tell. Make sure that you’ve got concise steps toward getting your magazine where you want it to be.

Need Help With Ideas?

Sometimes you just run short of ideas to put in your publication. When that happens, why not take some inspiration from the pros?

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