Wichita Public Schools approve 2019-2020 school calendar

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Wichita Public School Board members addressed a crowd and reevaluated the 2019-2020 school calendar for the second time. It's a decision that's been a challenge for the district. 

"Essentially there's going to be somebody that's going to be upset, no matter what we pick, so I just want to acknowledge that this is a compromise," says board member Ben Blankley.

The Kansas Board of regents approved a decision for public universities to hold spring break during different weeks in March, meaning Wichita Public School leaders had to plan Spring Break around universities like Wichita State Tech. 

"They're taking classes at the regular Comprehensive HS level and at WSU Tech and we do not want our students at that time to be on spring break and then have to go to school at WSU Tech," says Wichita Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Alicia Thompson. 

In a unanimous decision, board members approved the proposed calendar, making USD 259's Spring Break the third week of March instead of the fourth.

"As you do calendars, it's always tricky, so what we have to do, is listen to all of our stakeholders," says Thompson. 

Wichita Public Schools will now hold spring break the third week of March in 2020, meaning it will not line up with WSU's break. However, it will line up with other local districts, like Andover and Valley Center.