League 42 holds equipment drive

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -

League 42 held their equipment drive Sunday afternoon at the McAdams Park Recreation Center for the community to donate baseball equipment after some was stolen.

Last Sunday, it was reported that League 42 had around 200 bats stolen along with gloves helmets and sound equipment. Bob Lutz, the executive director of League 42, said in a league of 600 children they have a lot of people to supply with equipment, and they took a hit.

"We try to supply each of our 43 teams with at least five, sometimes six bats," said Lutz. "If a kid comes into our league and doesn't have a glove we give him a glove."

This equipment drive today was meant to make up for those losses. Lutz said they will be able to do just that after receiving nearly 130 bats and a good number of gloves and helmets.

"People have reached out, they've been unbelievable," said Lutz. "They've done a great job in helping us."

Donations have come from as far as Des Moines, Iowa, when someone sent a glove through the mail. Local residents also donated like Penny Clement, who gave some of her sons old baseball equipment to the league.

"There are kids throughout this city that need these kind of programs," said Clement. "They need team sports and if we can help them afford that, all the better."

Jose Perez, a player in the league, said he is excited for the equipment because it can help those who don't have any play baseball. He also said with the season right around the corner, he's excited to get started.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah," said Perez.