Sand on roads causing windshield problems

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The sand left behind from treating the ice covered roads is now causing some problems for drivers.

"If doesn't do any good to get ticked off, just fix it, " said Crissie Moffet, who was getting a rock chip filled on her windshield.

It is the reality of winter months. 

The Windshield Shop is busy during this time of the year. 

"We do anywhere from three to eight or nine rock chips a day," said Hilario Orozco, manager.

He recommends repairing those chips as soon as possible or he will get these types of calls. 

"They had a rock chip they didn't take care of it. When they went to defrost their car in the morning, it spread out on them," said Orozco.

KDOT, which treats highways, uses sand to help with traction along ramps.

"We are using much less sand in our mix. We are using maybe less than 50% of what we used before. So, we don't have quite the cleanup that you might see other places," said Tom Hein, spokesperson for KDOT.

The City of Wichita provided this response:

There has been a lot of attention and citizen praise for the way the City of Wichita has handled the treatment of our streets following this most recent snow and ice event. As has been our process in past years, the City does not remove excess sand and salt from the streets until the end of the winter season. The residual sand and salt mixture can help drivers in future snow or ice events.